WVBBTS/SEF has an exceptional reputation for organizing the best competitions in New England.  The driving forces behind the success of these events are the parent volunteers who work tirelessly to produce them.  When we enroll our children in WVBBTS Snowsports Club or Waterville Valley Academy, we make a commitment to support our athletes by donating our time towards competition events hosted by WVBBTS/SEF.   The intent of this program is to ensure all members contribute fairly to the support of our athletes by helping WVBBTS host events that create opportunities for our athletes to compete at their home mountain.  By fairly distributing the effort needed to host an event, we can avoid having just a few volunteers taking on the majority of the effort, and our athletes receive a better more effectively run event.

Please read the Athlete Support Credit Program policy set forth below. Although the policy provides that you will be charged if worker credit requirements are not met, it is not at all our intention for parents to rely on that option. Why is that? We believe the answer is two-fold. First- this is really a parent participation program (not a worker program) and our young athletes will feel this support from each of you both on snow and off. Second- it would be impossible for WVBBTS/SEF to support competitions at our home mountain without the valued support of our parents.

Remember there are many ways to fulfill this commitment either on snow or inside and behind the scenes of a competition. You are encouraged to take a key role in these events and obtain your Alpine Officials Jury Advisor certification.  A jury Advisor fills the role of Start or Finish referee and is a critical yet easy way to contribute to the smooth and controlled operation of an event.  Other key roles include Chief of Race and Chief of course.

To obtain your jury advisor certification, you must attend an easy certification course offered through NHARA.  Members obtaining a new AO certification (including the online Competition Official portion) will receive 1 BBTS Athlete Support Program (ASP) credit. Those members completing their Update (required every 2 years), maintaining your certifiacte with USSS will receive 1/2 ASP credit.  Please contact us at contact_us@wvbbts.org for further details. All of these positions require that you register as a USSA Alpine Official

Who Must Work?

All members of the weekend WVBBTS program and WVA who have children that are enrolled in Mitey Mites, GROMS, U10 through U21 alpine, freestyle, or snowboard programs.  Unless otherwise specified, each event worked is equal to one race credit. Families with children enrolled in multiple programs must earn the higher number of credits for your family. For example if you have a Mitey Mite and a U10 you must work the higher amount, in this case, 6.  You can only work one job, per person, per day.

  • WVBBTS Families
    • BBTS athletes ages U10 and up in the alpine or freestyle program- 6 credits per family
    • Alpine High School Program- 4 credits per family
    • All athletes in the Mitey Mites-2 credits per family
    • Freestyle or snowboard GROMS programs – 2 credits per family
    • All athletes in the Junior or Senior Snowboard program- 5 credits per family
  • WVA Families

    • All athletes in Waterville Valley Academy’s Full-Time or Full Winter Term (5 months) program- 2 credits
    • All athletes in the Post Graduate program (we encourage all Post Graduates to complete this credit themselves) – 1 credit
    • Any athletes enrolled in WVA Early or Late season, who is also enrolled in a WVBBTS weekend training program – 6 credits

How Does the Athlete Support Credit Program work?

  • Members must use our on-line event sign up system to register for an event support position. By signing up for a position, the member is obligating themselves to support the event. https://www.volgistics.com/ex/login.dll
  • Although every effort will be made to assign the member to the position for which they signed up, it is possible that the member will be reassigned to another position during the day of the event. Members must always come prepared to be on the snow and in the elements even if they have signed up for a position that would not normally require such preparation.
  • All positions for Alpine, Freestyle, Freeski, and Snowboard will be open to all members. In order to fulfill your credit obligations, you may have to work at different types of events.
  • If a member is unable to be on-snow for any reason (can’t ski/ride, physical injury, etc.) please contact the Event Administrator. The member will be accommodated in an appropriate position if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified at the time of sign up, each event supported is equal to one support credit.
  • Members can only support one position, per person, per day, and no family may sign up for more than 3 credits per day.
  • Members are only eligible to receive athlete support credits if they registered for them through our online event registration process.  The only exceptions will be the credits earned through volunteering at the Ski Swap or the Mitey Mites desk support volunteers which are managed by the Mitey Mites Head Coach. No credit will be awarded unless pre-approved by the WVBBTS Administration
  • The exception to this rule is if a member comes to an event without previously signing up, the member can check the event sign-in/sign-out sheet the day of an event. If a position is open (i.e., does not have an assigned name), the member may sign in to support the event.  It is the member’s responsibility to let the Chief of Race/Chief of Course, or Chief of Competition know the member is then going to support the event.  If they cannot confirm that the member actually supported the event, the member will not receive a credit.
  • Once signed up for a support credit position, members have until 2 weeks before the event to withdraw from supporting the event without penalty.
  • Members should notify the Race/Events Administrator as soon as possible if they wish to withdraw from an event within two weeks of the event. Although the member is responsible for finding their own replacement, our objective here is to support our athletes so we will work with the member family to help fill their support position.  However, there is no guarantee we will be able to fill the position and the member retains the responsibility to fill the position.
  • To receive a support credit, members must properly sign in and out of the event. If your name is not on the sign-in sheet, the member may sign up for any open position. 
  • After the event, the Chief of Race/Chief of Course, or the Chief Competition will confirm the member supported the full day by initializing the sign-in/out sheet. This is required for the member to receive credit.

How do I sign-up to work?

In our continuing effort to enhance your member experience, we will continue to use Volgistics.  This program will enhance the way we schedule and manage Athlete Support and associated credits.  From the perspective of our volunteers, the system will provide each member with their own Athlete Support account in which they will be able to sign-up for events, review their schedule, track their service record (credits), and ensure they are receiving all pertinent communications.

  1. Complete a Support Credit Program application.  Please take your time to complete this application.  The information you provide will ensure you are able to sign-up for the appropriate positions and that you will receive all appropriate communications.  Each member of a family that plans to participate in the Athlete Support Program will need to establish an account.
  2. Once you have submitted the application, it will be reviewed, and you will receive an email either approving your application or requesting clarification within 48 hours.  You will also receive information on how to log into your BBTS/WVA Volunteer Information Center Account.  Your username will be your email address, and your Password will be the one you will establish in your application.
  3. Once the December event schedule opens in November, you will be able to use your Volunteer Information Center Account to sign up for event assignments. 
  4. All future notices about event sign-up openings and other Athlete Support Program (ASP) information will go out through Volgistics so it is important that you keep your account information current

Opting Out of the Support Credit Program

Although not encouraged, families may elect not to participate in the athlete support program. The cost of the opt-out is $300 per support credit. The option will be presented to you during the annual application submission, via Sports Engine. If at any point during the season you would like to buy out a credit please reach out to the WVBBTS Administration staff. After the last day of programming, you will be charged $400 per unfilled credit.

If necessary, Members may request a credit waiver by submitting such a request in writing, with justification, to the WVBBTS Adminstrtion. This request will be considered by the Competition Committee.

What if I don’t meet my support credit obligation by the end of the season?

Any member whose requirement is not met by the end of the season (and who has not paid the fee in advance), will be charged $400 per unfulfilled worker credit.  This payment will be due 30 days from the date of the invoice.  If this amount is not received prior to the start of the next winter season then the member will not be allowed to join the Club or WVA until payment is received.