These training programs are for athletes who want to learn new tricks and qualify them for snow. The first step in the progression is to learn proficient fundamentals. So, we spend the necessary time to master the basics. The rest is relatively easy. We use U.S Ski and Snowboard’s recommended procedure of requiring 100 training repetitions, before passing a 5-jump test to “Qualify” a trick for snow. Athletes will train using the BagJump, trampoline, and the rails and boxes. Athletes will also do physical conditioning to increase their Coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, and strength. This program is coached by Wes Preston and other BBTS coaches.


  • Devo Group for ages 10 – 14: This group is for Junior High school age development-level freestyle and freeski athletes. Athletes who currently follow the EQS “B” circuit or the USASA circuit are prime candidates for this program.
  • ‘A’ Moguls Group for ages 15-25: This group is for serious mogul competitors on the ECS or Nor-Am tour. This is the best air training that you can get.


For more information: Please contact Wes Preston at or 603-726-6149.