Over 50% Committed NCAA DIVISION I or USCSA

The College Counseling program offers a unique college experience made possible by both the small size of student body and the commitment of the Academy faculty and staff. Beginning in their sophomore year, each student receives individual attention; learning styles are identified, needs are met, and a plan for their application process is set in motion.  Great attention is paid to each individual student athlete, their unique qualities, as well as their strengths and interests that lie beyond snow sports. We work hard to help our students build a solid portfolio with education, depth and variety of experience.  This preparation period is designed to provide the student with choices that are the right fit both academically and athletically.

It takes an extraordinary level of commitment to be a full-time snow sports athlete. The training time, travel, and attention to detail necessary to be competitive at the highest level requires student-athletes to function with a high level of maturity, keeping the pace of a working adult, and managing a large list of responsibilities. These requirements and the students’ ability to organize themselves to move smoothly as a team is commendable and considered during the college process. Their skill set transfers to navigating a college program and campus with ease.

At WVA, the Director of College Counseling working closely with the Director of Academics organizes and manages much of the student life experience. Student life includes a variety of activities including; rock climbing, tennis, golf, mountain biking, XC Skiing, trips to the ocean, camping trips, evenings out for dinner and a movie. We take full advantage of all the White Mountain Region has to offer. These student athletes are fortunate to spend an ample amount of time with adults and their peers as they develop into young mature adults. They are comfortable engaging in conversations with individuals of all ages, an experience that serves them well in the collegiate arena.

Our college entrance success occurs because our students are able to learn and grow in a very supportive, healthy environment. They are not only great athletes, but they are happy, well-adjusted young men and women. Students are guided to make healthy decisions about their life, both in the moment and moving forward in their future. Students have shared this perspective as a rich part of their experience here, preparing them to handle themselves better in the college environment.

Priscilla Fay is WVA’s Director of College Counseling.  She may be reached at pfay@gowva.org