Employment Opportunities

WVBBTS/SEF Executive Director

WVBBTS SEF (“BBTS”) is conducting a search to hire its next Executive Director to lead the entire organization which includes its fully accredited Waterville Valley Academy & a robust weekend snowsports program. Located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, BBTS enjoys a storied history in the world of snowsports that dates back more than 80 years.  Waterville Valley Academy in conjunction with the BBTS weekend program is regarded as one of the nation’s premier institutions for promising young athletes looking to challenge themselves in a highly productive academic & athletic setting.  BBTS is looking for the motivated, experienced candidate who is both capable & ready to lead the organization into the next exciting phase of its legacy.

General Scope of the Position:

This is a year-round, full time position in which the Executive Director will be in charge of all aspects of the organization.

Specific Responsibilities will include:

  • Work closely with the Board to develop and execute multi-year & annual operating plans & other initiatives
  • Lead, energize, assess, develop, & manage BBTS’s current staff with the goal of ensuring that BBTS has the best staff in place to work safely & effectively with all student/ athletes
  • Ensure the delivery of the highest possible caliber snowsports development program to include world class coaching, training, & competition
  • Ensure the provision of the proper environment & tools for an advanced academic setting for student/ athletes
  • Formulate & execute a strategic development campaign which will provide BBTS students & athletes with industry leading facilities and training venues along and an enhanced endowment for financial assistance.

Operational Aspects will include:

  • Manage the financial health of BBTS
  • Set & deliver timely annual operating budgets & long-term capital budgets
  • Oversee the delivery of accurate, timely, & understandable financial reports
  • Oversee the management & development of all physical assets & facilities
  • Maintain & strengthen BBTS’s relationships with its member families, alumni, the Waterville Valley Ski Area, the town of Waterville, & relevant snow sport institutions such as USSA, FIS, NHARA, & so forth.


The Executive Director will report to the Board of Trustees & will be supervised by the Chairman of the Board. This person will oversee all aspects of hiring & supervision of all direct reports & will retain final approval on all other hiring & firing decisions.  Heads of all major areas of BBTS will report directly to the Executive Director including Athletics, Academics, Development, & Finance & Administration as well as other key positions.

Interested individuals should contact Peter Schibli, PFS Associates, peter@pfsassoc.com, Tel: 617.744.3605