Don’t let your skis gather dust this summer, get out and ski in WV! We offer summer training programs and camps for all levels of  freeskiers. Come session the BagJump, slide the rails and boxes, and bounce on the trampolines. With our overnight camps, you’ll also get to explore the best of New Hampshire: hiking, swimming and chillin’ in the great outdoors.

Our experienced coaches will take you through a progression of tricks and skills, focusing on proper technique to dial in your jumps. This is the best place for skiers to learn and master jumping. Waterville is where it’s at.  

Our freeski camps  are designed for athletes interested in specializing in slopestyle, big air and halfpipe events. We offer a variety of camps, including camps at the WVA campus and camps off site. Our on-snow summer camp takes place at Mt Hood, Oregon and in Saas -Fe, Switzerland.  These camp provides an optimum opportunity for skiers to advance their competitive skiing and acrobatic skills.

We also offer the Summer Freeski Summer Program. The summer program is designed to allow for progression from dryslope/dryland training to on-snow training. There are many options for this program, from Full time to Weekends only. More information about the Summer Freeski Program can be found HERE