The WVBBTS Freestyle program focuses on athlete development in the events of Mogul and Ariels. From the developmental level all the way up to the worlds stage, WVBBTS provides world class Freestyle training.

Over the years, WVBBTS has placed over 50 alumni on the U.S. Freestyle , including 12 Olympians and 2 Olympic gold medalists. Including alumni such as Olympian Hannah Kearney and U.S Ski Team member Ashley Caldwell.

Some of our program accolades include

  • 1999 and 2004 Freestyle Club of the Year
  • 2013 Freestyle Domestic Coach of the Year
  • 2013 US Olympic Committee Developmental Coach of the Year for Freestyle Skiing

Wes Preston// Freestyle Program Director

Head Development Coach for Freestyle and Freeskiing and Head “A” Freestyle Coach Wes Preston has coached at BBTS since 2005.  He started skiing with BBTS at the Mitey Mite level and is an alumnus of the U.S. Ski Team.  Wes is a Level 500 certified coach, which is the highest-level coaching certification.  Wes was recognized by both the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, and the U.S. Olympic Committee as the 2013 Development Coach of the Year.