Phil’s Hill Training Center at WVBBTS!

Phil’s Hill  Bagjump Training Center at Snow’s Mountain, located on the campus of Waterville Valley Academy, is a 275’ jumping venue that is used to train athletes year-round in conditions of increased safety.

In 2017- a bigger, better BagJump airbag was installed!  This new 75×55 bag allows for better quality training, especially at the elite level

For Freeskiers, Freestylers, and Snowboarders, learning a new trick in a safe environment before trying it on snow is key! The first of its kind on the East Coast, the year-round training venue has two take-offs to accommodate beginner and advanced athletes as they launch into the air and land safely on the BagJump airbag. Athletes slide down the exit area of the airbag, get coaching feedback, then hike back up to do it again.

The WVBBTS Bagjump is a high-tech innovative tool for athletes to learn and qualify their tricks safely! The multi-chambered, airbag apparatus used for absorbing the impact of landings. This allows athletes to train new and difficult tricks before trying them on snow. WVBBTS is the first snow sports program in the East to offer Bagjump training.

Below is Phil’s Hill Bag Jump Training Center Schedule.  If you are looking for a specific program schedule, please go to your program’s page for details.  If your school or program is interested in booking training time at Phil’s Hill, please contact Dan Shuffleton, Freeski Program Director at