SAT Prep & Conditioning Camp

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This residential camp will offer a balance of SAT and ACT test preparation and athletic training. We’ve designed a program specifically oriented toward high school athletes who are training in the summer. This camp open to any student-athletes who would benefit from an intensive week-long test prep course combined with high level workouts. The camp will take place June 23rd through the 28th.

Participants will establish a baseline score through abridged diagnostic assessments of each test (ACT and SAT), learn specialized strategies and tactics for the exams, and establish a detailed, customized study plan to guide their preparation moving forward. In addition, to compliment the time in class, each day will incorporate two training sessions to develop a comprehensive summer plan for athletes to take with them. The camp will include evening activities and entertainment to add a social component during downtime.

Given that we’re a full-time, virtually year-round program, one of the things that families tend to find challenging is finding an opportunity in the year to fit in a test prep course (SAT or ACT). There’s a ton of evidence that studying for standardized tests makes a difference – there is significant strategy involved, which once learned, can improve scores considerably. We’ve observed how difficult it is to schedule and allocate time for these courses given the travel and competition demands on our students. As a response, we’re now offering a camp here at WVA designed for student-athletes.

We’re excited to be able to use our campus for this endeavor, and to partner with Knower Academy, a test prep center based in Plymouth, for the academic component. Knower instructors will lead two sessions daily of intensive test prep Monday-Thursday, and then on Friday each student will have a one-hour individual session to develop a summer study program and plan which takes into account their baseline test performance and their

Out of the classroom, WVA coaches will facilitate the twice-daily workouts, and will work with the athletes to send home summer strength programs. We’ll utilize our facilities as much as we can, but also spend time in the great outdoors in the beautiful White Mountains.


Date: Sunday, June 23, 2019 to Friday, June 28, 2019
  • What- SAT/ACT Prep course and Summer athletic training camp
  • Who- Designed for High School students, raising 10th,11th,12th graders. Anyone can attend not just BBTS/WVA club members
  • Where- WVA campus, using our academic and athletic facilities
  • When- June 23rd-28th
  • Cost:
    Boarding – $1,600
    Non-Boarding – $1,400

Questions? Contact Maggie McGovern or Tory Amorello