Students and Staff on an opening day hike in beautiful Waterville Valley

The community of Waterville Valley is ringed by the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, and a lot of our activity is informed by the location of this special place. Within the valley, we have access to tons of recreation opportunities, and trails, a tennis club, and a golf course literally sit adjacent (or in the middle of!) our campus. Our students can walk to stores, restaurants, a skating rink, mountain bike, and cross-country ski trails, as well as the White Mountain Athletic Club, where we do a lot of our off-snow conditioning in the pool.

Our dorm is at the center of the campus, and it houses our dining room, two separate commons areas, and three dorm parent spaces (we have two full-time dorm parents in the spring and fall, and one additional in the winter). Boarding students have activities each weekend which are supported by teachers and staff and tend to be of the active variety. We’re also only 2 hours from Boston, so we can easily day trip to the city for museums, dining, shopping, or a show.

In the winter, almost our whole experience revolves around our athletic calendars: students are traveling to races and competitions frequently, so the focus is on that kind of travel with all that it entails. In the spring and fall, we focus on our sense of community and bringing our school together – among other events, we have student-led events such as a two-day overnight all school Orientation, a student council activities, a prom, and winter carnival. We also have community awards nights both during the winter and spring, and we honor community engagement on a level with academic and athletic awards.

Students and Teachers during Winter Carnival

Being a student-athlete at WVA comes with many privileges and opportunities, as well as expectations for conduct.