2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Full Term

9th -10th Grade Day Student: $38,400
9th -10th Grade Boarding: $50,400

11th – 12th Day Student: $41,700
11th – 12th Boarding: $54,600

Winter Term

Day Student: $29,200
Boarding: $37,900

Middle School Program

Middle School Day: $20,000
8th Grade Boarding (when available): $29,000

Post Graduate/Training Only

Alpine Post Graduate: $21,600
Freeski Training Only (Post- Graduate): $17,300

Late Season (Freeski Emphasis)

Day Student: $22,700
Boarding: $29,200

Early Season

Day Student: $9,700
Boarding: $13,000



Financial Aid at WVA

WVA understands that not every family can afford the cost of an independent school education. Therefore, WVA offers financial aid opportunities for qualified students. Information about financial aid is available here.

Questions about tuition or financial aid?


Tory Amorello, Head of School
Phone: 603-236-4246 Ext. 116
Email: tamorello@wvbbts.org