U10/U12/U14 Summer Fitness Program

Being fit and becoming a ski racer is a commitment to an athletic lifestyle. Playing by yourself or with friends or on a team, doing chores, helping with family projects and just being outside will build the stamina, strength and skills to carry you in the sport of skiing (not at the computer or the Xbox). Doing a workout a few times a week is honorable, but not enough. A young athlete has to do more and must gain as many physical experiences as possible. You have to bring yourself back in time to where life was physical. Now you must do it in our society with modern toys. Today’s top athletes train up to 6 hours a day. Obviously too much for your age, but getting active will start you on your way to being an elite athlete.

The following is a training program developed by Tom Barbeau for junior alpine athletes.  The goal of the program is to help you keep up your fitness over the summer months, building a strong base for next ski season.

2018 Jr Summer Fitness