The U16 alpine program provides athletes with the opportunity to build upon existing skills, acquire new skills and increase their ablitiy to compete successfully.  U16 athletes, who are ages 14-15, compete in about 15-20 events each season consisting primarily of USSA events.  Top U16 athletes aspire to compete in the Eastern U16 Finals, the U16 Eastern Championships and ultimately the U16 Nationals.

2019/2020 Program Fees: $2,256

Head U16 Weekend Program Coach & Director of Human Performance

Tom Barbeau

It is the start of his 29th year at WVBBTS. Overall, it is Tom’s 45th year in coaching. He began his coaching career while in high school and while he was racing. Tom went on to graduate from McGill University with a degree in Ergo Physiology. Before coming to WVBBTS he spent a couple of years working with the Canadian National Ski Team. Tom has coached at three Olympic Games. He has a Master’s Certification in the Burdenko Method.  Tom may be reached at