Academic Programs

Waterville Valley Academy (WVA) is a snowsports and academic academy located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire designed for student athletes in grades 6-12 who are dedicated to pursuing the highest level of snowsports performance along with a rigorous academic program.  Over the past six years WVA has enrolled students from over 20 states and several foreign countries representing over 110 home schools.  WVA has approximately 70 students.

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Late-August through mid-June

The full-term program is available to elite-level student-athletes in grades 9 to 12.  This program is designed to meet the individualized needs of each student, balancing academics with a rigorous training and competition schedule.  Small class size and highly trained faculty are hallmarks of our program. WVA is also the only snowsports academy in the East offering Advanced Placement courses.

This program is a one-of-a-kind educational experience designed to be the path to Division 1 and National Team consideration and acceptance.

Winter Term

Whether a student is enrolled for the full winter term, early or late season, the academic portion of their enrollment is dedicated to mirroring the curriculum of their home school, while providing intellectually challenging, individualized instruction. WVA seamlessly integrates each student’s home school curriculum with his or her athletic training and competition schedule.

Our Winter Term options allow student-athletes to spend a portion of their school year at home following such interests as sports, theatre or music.  Many of our student-athletes excel in other sports and activities at their home schools, bringing a diversity of talent to WVA.

Full Winter Term

November through March

WVA’s full winter term is a 5-month program that runs November through March.

Early Season Program

November through December

For student-athletes wanting an introduction to WVA, the early season program runs from November through December.  This is a great opportunity to get a feel for WVA and its unique method of direct instruction along with some world-class early season coaching and training.

Late Season Program

January through March

WVA’s late season program is a condensed version of the Winter Term program, lasting 3 months from January to March.  This program accomplishes many of the same objectives as the full winter term, but within a more condensed timeframe.