WVBBTS Athlete Support Credit Program Information & Policy

Sign-Up for events in January, February and March opens Wednesday, December 20th at 6 AM at https://www.timetosignup.com/wvbbts/

WVBBTS/SEF has an exceptional reputation for organizing the best competitions in New England.  The driving force behind the success of these events are the parent volunteers who work tirelessly to produce them.  The WVBBTS Athlete Support Credit Program policy exists to ensure that each competition will be fully staffed with the volunteers necessary for a successful event.

Please read the Athlete Support Credit Program policy set forth below. Although the policy provides that you will be charged if worker credit requirements are not met, it is not at all our intention for parents to rely on that option. Why is that? We believe the answer is two-fold. First- this is really a parent participation program (not a worker program) and our young athletes will feel this support from each of you both on snow and off. Second- it would be impossible for WVBBTS/SEF to support competitions at our home mountain without the valued support of our parents.

Remember there are many ways to fulfill this commitment either on snow or inside and behind the scenes of a competition. You are encouraged to take a leadership role and learn to become a Chief of Race, Chief of Course, or a Start/Finish Referee. Chief of Race and Chief of Course positions are simply learned by observing and being mentored. The Chief of Race and Chief of Course are expected to coordinate and call all workers 3-4 days before the event; these positions also earn 2 credits for each event worked. To be a Referee, you must attend a certification course offered through NHARA, please contact us at contact_us@wvbbts.org for further details. All four of these positions require that you register as an USSA Alpine Official.

Who Must Work?

All members of the weekend WVBBTS program who have children that are enrolled in Mitey Mites, GROMS and U10 through U21 alpine, freestyle and snowboard programs.  Each event worked is equal to one race credit (unless otherwise provided in the Worker Credit Handbook). Families with children enrolled in multiple programs must earn the larger number of credits.* You are only allowed 1 off snow credit per family (i.e., events, making lunches, etc.) per season.  You can only work one job, per person, per day.

  • Weekend athletes ages U10 and up in the alpine or freestyle program- 6 credits per family
  • Alpine High School Program- 4 credits per family
  • All athletes in the Mitey Mites or freestyle or snowboard GROMS programs – 1 credit per family
  • All athletes in the Junior or Senior Snowboard program- 4 credits per family
  • All athletes in Waterville Valley Academy’s Full-Time or Full Winter Term (5 month) program- 2 credits
  • Any athlete in the WVA Early Season who is not enrolled in any other WVBBTS training program- 1 credit
  • Any athlete in the WVA Late Season who is not enrolled in any other WVBBTS training program- 2 credits
  • Any athlete in the WVA Early or Late Season Winter Term program, who is also enrolled in a WVBBTS weekend training program- 6 credits (alpine and freestyle), 4 credits (snowboard)
  • All athletes in the Post Graduate program- 1 credit


How Does the Athlete Support Credit Program work?

  • Athlete Support Credit Positions will be opened in accordance with the staffing plan for each event.
  • All positions for Alpine, Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard will be open to all members. It is likely that to fulfill your credit obligations, you will have to work different types of events.
  • Signing up for a position is not a guarantee that you will be supporting our athletes in that position. How you support our athletes during the event is at the discretion of Wes Preston or Dan Shuffleton for Freeski/Freestyle events, and Dan Thompson or Doug Leaman for Alpine Events.
  • Filling one position does not mean you will only be supporting our athletes within that position’s description. You will likely be asked to perform any number of tasks associated with the event in support of our athletes.
  • Unless specifically told otherwise, you should always come prepared to support our athletes outside and on the hill.
  • Individuals may sign up for one position with their name. If they would like to sign up for a second position, they will be required to input the name of the person filling the role, as well as an email address for that person.  This is needed for communication and coordination purposes.
  • We ask individuals that do not have a season pass to strongly consider signing up for a position that can be performed as a hiker rather than a skier. Exceptions to this include event official roles (e.g., Chief of Competition, Judges, Chief of Race, Chief of course, Start Ref, etc.). The money saved by doing this can be used to support our athletes with coaches, equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Each family can only sign up for two off-snow positions during the season unless approved by Dan T., Carl Anderson, Wes, or Dan S.
  • Alternate slots for supporting our athletes at an event will be open for sign up.
    • Alternates will select the nature of the alternate position they would like: paid, credit, or volunteer.
    • Alternates will provide their contact information (phone and email) during sign up that other BBTS families can see.
    • Up until 2 weeks before a competition, anyone can withdraw from the position for which they sign up. If you are an alternate you should keep an eye on the sign-up sheet for possible position openings.
    • Within 2 weeks of an event, an individual signed up for a position must identify an alternate in order to withdraw.
    • Alternates will be contacted directly by the person not able to fill the position they originally signed up for. Any payment involved will be handled independently between the wo parties.
    • For credit to be awarded to the proper person, Carl Anderson must be contacted no later than 48 hours prior to the event.  In addition, if a person is being paid to support our athletes for credit on another’s behalf, the sign in and out sheet must be correctly filled in to indicate to whom the credit will be awarded.
  • Only volunteers supporting our athletes outside the credit system will receive a day pass and a voucher for a future pass. There is a maximum of 9 vouchers per volunteer during a season.


What If You Are Unable to Fulfill Your Requirement?

  • Although not encouraged, families may elect not to work and pay $300 per worker credit requirement at the time of the annual application submission (in the case of WVA families, election must be made at the time of submission of the WVA Enrollment Contract and payment must be made on or before November 1, 2017).
  • Any member who’s requirement is not met by the end of the season (and who has not payed the fee in advance), will be charged $400 per unfulfilled worker credit.  This payment will be due 30 days from the date of invoice.  If this amount is not received prior to the start of the 2018/2019 winter season then the member will not be allowed to join the Club or WVA until payment is received.
  • Those who do not show up for their support credit obligation without arranging an alternate will be fined one credit which must be filled this year. If an alternate supporting the event for a credit does not show up for the event, they will be fined 1 credit. It is critical that if you have arranged an alternate to fulfill your credit obligation within 2 weeks of an event, you must notify Carl Anderson of the change. If a member fails to fulfill that additional credit, they will be charged $400.
  • Families with special circumstances should speak with Dan Thompson, Director of Operations & Competition, to make other arrangements.

Sign Ups will be held online, starting on December 4, 2017. Members will receive an email with information for the start/opening time and date for the sign up process.