Mitey Mites


The Mitey Mites program is a pre-competition ski development experience designed for children ages 5-9.  The Mites are provided safe and fun opportunities to explore alpine and freestyle skiing in preperation for them to enter the competitive program of their choice.

New Mitey Mites should have the ability to ski green and blue trails at a skill level that enables them to keep up with a group.  Emphasis is placed on having fun, developing a lifelong love of the sport and building skills all at the same time.  We foster healthy competition, good sportsmanship, teamwork and social interaction along with development of independence and responsibility.  We encourage parents to be part of the program by talking with their children about training, upcoming events and activities.  Providing positive reinforcement for your children for all Mitey Mites activities will help foster their love of skiing or riding and winter snowsports.

2018/2019 Program Fees: $1,860

Questions about Mitey Mites?  Contact Jason Guilbert, Director of Alpine Weekend and Club Programming