WVBBTS Snowboard is a full-spectrum training program designed for young athletes age 5 through 24 who participate and compete in all levels of snowboarding. We provide a progressive sequence of unique training opportunities that develops technically strong snowboarders and builds proper acrobatic skills, as well as all-around athletics on snowboard. We pride ourselves on providing superior coaching and train in a fun and safe environment conducive to success.

WVBBTS Snowboard programs are a unique opportunity for young people to be involved in the exciting sport of snowboarding. This winter, training will take place at Waterville Valley Ski Resort and the Snow’s Mountain training venue at the Academy. Our daily training will be held at Waterville Valley Resort.

Race Team: Training lane space on World Cup, World Cup extensions, High Country, and the Boardercross course on Exhibition extension

Freestyle: At WV Parks

Training: Snow’s Mountain Venue (Phil’s Hill Training Center and the Thomas Barbeau Training Center)

We look forward to working with each individual athlete. Our qualified coaches and staff will help each athlete set goals for the season and will assess them personally in order to create an individualized training plan. Here at WVBBTS, we are dedicated to supporting all athletes in any way possible so they can maximize their individual potential.