Tom Barbeau to Consult with Carolina Panthers

Tom Barbeau Sr., Director of Human Performance, and lead strength and conditioning coach at Waterville Valley Academy and Waterville Valley BBTS, has, in addition to his work at Waterville, recently accepted a role as strength consultant to the Carolina Panthers NFL team.

Tom has been at WVA/BBTS, serving in nearly every role, for over thirty years. The Tom Barbeau Training Center, a world-class indoor training facility for alpine, freestyle, freeski and snowboard athletes, was dedicated in 2014 in appreciation for the thousands of hours that he has spent training and preparing athletes up, down, and across the breadth of programs at WVA/BBTS.  

“In addition to his work with our academy and weekend athletes, Tom is well-known for offering his services to parents, siblings, and friends of our program,” comments Tory Amorello, Executive Director and Head of School. “Tom’s influence is therefore so much greater than virtually any other coach I know, simply because he makes himself available and truly loves what he does.”

Tom is a master practitioner of the Burdenko Method, which he’s been practicing for over twenty years, and which utilizes both land and water for workouts. WVA student-athletes are in the pool on average twice a week, and Tom emphasizes that water training complements the high-impact nature of skiing, particularly for growing and developing bodies, but which clearly also has an application for top-level football players. Videos of WVA water workout videos are among the material Tom has shared with the Panthers to demonstrate exercises and training strategies. Tom’s role with the Panthers has him designing recovery and regeneration programs for top-level NFL players including Christian McCaffrey (QB), Jeremy Chinn (LB), and Sam Darnold (QB), among others. In his first visit to the Panthers complex, Tom consulted with the QB coaches and spent time working with coaches and physios to design warm-ups and mobility trainings.

“It is an honor to be helping the Carolina Panthers and a pleasure to be working with my son. I have skied for 63 years and had played football for 17 years, so it is fun to be thinking about two sports again. I am helping the Panthers because of my knowledge in the Burdenko Method with Freedom of Movement and Pool Exercises. At the same time, I get to learn about weightlifting, speed training and sports analytics from some of the most knowledgeable coaches in the world. This will be a benefit for all of our WVBBTS athletes”


21-22 BBTS Registration Now Open!


we’ve officially launched the 21-22 snowsports season! To begin, we would like to most sincerely thank everyone for all of their dedication to WVBBTS last year as we navigated the COVID season. We could not have done it without your support: it was not easy! But we know it was appreciated. With the pandemic season out of the way (and rapidly receding in the rearview mirror), we are looking forward to a new year which we believe will enable a return to more normal operations.


One quick note on Covid: our position is that we strongly recommend that any BBTS participant who is age-eligible be Covid vaccinated in advance of participating in our program. We know that many of our youth participants are not vaccine-eligible at this point. By registering for our program, you agree to disclose your and all participant’s Covid vaccine status upon request.  We reserve the right to modify this policy to require mandatory Covid vaccination and reserve the right to require documentation of vaccination status at some point in the future.


We are extremely proud to announce that we’re making a substantial change to our credit requirement, and new in 21-22 the vast majority of families will see their credit obligation change from 6 to 4. (yay!) Families enrolled at WVA and in the Mitey Mites will still be required to do 2 credits. There is still the option to buy out your credits in the pre-season as well. 

Clarification for Freeski, Freestyle, & Snowboard Groups

For Freeski, Freestyle, and Snowboard families we have slightly adjusted the registration process to make it more clear. The three age groups have been assigned a birth year so that you know exactly which group to sign-up for. This has nothing to do with athletic groups. Coaches will continue to move athletes into groups where they fit most appropriately and to recommend events based on ability as well as age. The registration categories are just for our records, and to clear up something that is consistently a question for new families.

Groms 2013 & 2012
Devo 2007 to 2011
“A’s” 2007 and older


This year, 2021-22, marks the 50th anniversary of Waterville Valley Academy, and we should all be proud! WVA is one of the oldest sport academies of any variety in the country. We’ll be celebrating the Academy this winter, and look forward to sharing more of the history and legacy of our academy over the course of this winter!


Waterville Valley Academy forms a University Training Team for 2020-2021

Waterville Valley, NH, September 2020 – WVA has created a program for the 2020-2021 FIS alpine season designed for students who have attended at least one semester of university/college and whose college may not be able to support them athletically during this year. Ideal candidates for the program have shown athletic promise in competitive college programs and also exhibit strong leadership characteristics. With many schools and universities planning to go remote during the winter months, this program allows college athletes who may not have a current or appropriate team affiliation to accelerate their access to training during an unprecedented year.

Director of FIS Programs Andrew Gannon knows first-hand how the college season can wear on athletes “As a former collegiate coach, I know the demands college life places on these athletes. The grind of class time and travel time to snow, often results in the basic “fun” fundamental approach to skiing being thrown out the door.  It becomes so important for them to get good blocks of skiing to help reinforce the fundamentals that are so important to stay fast.” The WVA University Training team aims to provide needed support to college athletes, and for college athletes to capitalize on their year by having consistent access to focused training this season.

University team members will be supported by WVA staff members and coaches. The program focuses on training, acknowledging that many college-aged athletes are more self-sufficient and prepared to race independently. “With so much upheaval in our world over the last six months, we feel lucky to have the flexibility to offer a program that’s developmentally appropriate for college athletes,” says Tory Amorello, Executive Director and Head of School. “After supporting these athletes for so many years to help them achieve their goals of making the team and racing for top tier colleges, it’s hard to stop feeling like they are ‘our kids.’ Skiing is keeping us all grounded, and we want to rally around college athletes no less than our academy or weekend athletes.”

Although training is the primary focus, athletes will have access to fully participate in any WVA on-snow training camps that may be planned during the year, and to attend races alongside WVA student-athletes when appropriate. Participation in WVA University Team is contingent upon coach and Executive Director approval and athletes must be approved in advance of their registration. Spots on the team will be on a space available basis, to ensure coach: athlete ratios and quality training environments. The full program will run from December to April with additional four-week block options.

If you are interested in joining the WVA University Team please reach out to Executive Director Tory Amorello at or Director of FIS programs Andrew Gannon

Founded in 1934, WVBBTS is committed to supporting the Motto of “Pioneering Snowsports and Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders.” Located in beautiful Waterville Valley New Hampshire, WVBBTS offers both a weekend program and full time competitive snowsports academy, Waterville Valley Academy. WVBBTS is recognized for its excellence in training alpine, freeski, freestyle, and snowboard athletes. WVBBTS is a 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information on Waterville Valley Academy or WVBBTS, visit



WVBBTS Announces Three New Coaching Hires

Waterville Valley, NH, June 2020- WVBBTS, home of Waterville Valley Academy is excited to announce the addition of three new coaching hires. Meaghan Costello, Justin Sperry, and Fred Turton will join the alpine coaching staff for the 2020/2021 season.

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Meghan Costello has been hired as the Head Women’s FIS coach. Meghan comes to WVA after coaching in Europe for the last four years. Meghan has been the Head U16 coach with the Alpine Training Centre, a Scotland based team which placed five athletes onto the National teams of the UK and Scotland over the 2019-20 season. Meghan’s experience includes running camps across Europe for all ATC programs, from FIS to U10s, including a summer base in Norway. Meghan is American, originally from Bethel, Maine, and is an avid hiker, mountaineer, and traveler. She through-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018 and had planned to spend the summer of 2020 through-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Meghan will complete her degree in Religious Studies and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen this year (remotely). “Meghan has collected some amazing life experiences over her time abroad, and we anticipate that her diversity of experience both on- and off-snow makes her someone who will be profoundly impactful to the WVBBTS program,” says Tory Amorello, Executive Director and Head of School. Costello will be supported by Andrew Gannon, having accepted the role of Director of FIS Programs. Gannon will also be the Men’s FIS Head Coach.

Justin Sperry has been hired as the Youth Program Director and also Head U14 coach. Over the 2019-20 season Waterville Valley Academy rolled out a Middle School program that is unique for being developmentally, socially, athletically, and academically appropriate for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student-athletes. “We’ve seen great momentum coming out of our Middle School program after just one year,” says Amorello, “and we’re excited to build on the energy Jason Guilbert generated as the Head Coach in 2019-20. Gilly is moving up to become Head U16 coach, and in the future he and Justin will work closely to ensure a strong transition between Middle School and high school.”

Justin is coming to WVBBTS after serving as the Head Coach at Colby-Sawyer College for the last two years, before which he held the head coaching role at Clarkson University. Justin is a New Hampshire native, having grown up racing for the Gunstock Ski Club before skiing for Colby College where he graduated with a degree in Geology. Justin has served as the assistant director of the Stowe Summer Dryland camp, where he has spent summers working with athletes from grade 3 through grade 10. Justin is eager to begin working with the WVA Middle School students, and in his role as Youth Program Director he will also lead the hiring and athletic programming of all WVBBTS’s Alpine Weekend Youth staff (U14 through Mitey Mites).

Lastly, Fred Turton will be returning to WVBBTS after working for several years as the Youth Education Coordinator for NHARA. Fred has accepted the position of seasonal full-time U14 coach. He is looking forward to working with Justin in coaching the WVA Middle School student-athletes and our weekend program U14s. “Few people have the depth or quality of experience and knowledge that Fred has with youth ski racing,” continues Amorello, “and returning him to our program is going to be immediately impactful.”

“I could not be happier to have this extraordinary crop of coaches joining the team at WVA and WVBBTS”, says Amorello, “It has been an invigorating and energizing experience spending time getting to know Meghan, Justin, and reconnecting with Fred. Each of these coaches brings strength, experience, and diverse experiences to our program and I am looking forward to having their energy and leadership in our program.”

Founded in 1934, WVBBTS is committed to supporting the Motto of “Pioneering Snowsports and Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders.” Located in beautiful Waterville Valley New Hampshire, WVBBTS offers both a weekend program and full time competitive snowsports academy. WVBBTS is recognized for its excellence in training alpine, freeski, freestyle, and snowboard athletes. WVBBTS is a 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information on Waterville Valley Academy or WVBBTS, visit


Shuffleton Wins U.S Ski & Snowboard Freeski Domestic Coach of the Year

Waterville Valley NH – June 2nd. U.S Ski & Snowboard has honored WVBBTS Freekski program for the second year in a row by naming Program Director, Dan Shuffleton, as the Freeski Domestic Coach of the Year. Last year, Shuffleton’s program was named U.S Ski & Snowboard Freeski Club of the Year.

Shuffleton is honored for his dedication to developing Freeski Athletes by training athletes who compete at every level of the sports including in World Cup, NorAms, Future Tour, and USASA events. Athletes that have trained with Shuffleton are now members of several national teams, including the U.S, Great Brittan, and Hong Kong. As a level 400 aerials coach and level 300 Freeski coach, Shuffleton has a breadth of knowledge on the most effective coaching techniques, as well as the Freeski discipline as a whole.

Shuffleton similarly won this award in 2014 and becomes the first Freeski coach to be honored with this award twice. In accepting the award Shuffleton is quoted saying “The award is the mark of a great season for the receiving coach, the clubs or programs that we represent and all the athletes and families that we positively affect as coaches and mentors both on and off the hill.”

To read more about Coach Shuffleton please visit this link


WVBBTS Camps Update

Hi everyone,

Thank you to those families who replied to our email assessing interest in skiing in Austria in late June. As we expected, we returned a fairly broad range of feedback, from some folks who are ready to travel again very soon, to others who would not consider a trip for the foreseeable future. As we hopefully can all agree, there are no right or wrong answers here. As I’ve heard from a few sources lately, we are all in the same sea, but we’re in different boats – that is true, and my heart is with every member of our community, regardless of your individual circumstances. For everyone – without exception – this situation presents unique challenges.

After discussion with staff, other program leaders across our industries (schools, summer camps, and ski academies), and our Board of Trustees, I have made the following determination about summer camps.

We are cancelling the Hintertux camp in June.

Our focus for summer training will be working through progressively more complex camp environments, as we determine best practices and establish safety, cleaning, and social distance protocols appropriate for our environments. No BBTS/WVA coaches or programming will be permitted to operate outside these levels without explicit clearance.

We will be following a Tiered Approach to Summer Camps:

Tier 1 – When we are permitted to do so, most likely in late June or July pending guidance from the governor of NH, we will begin running summer day camps on the WVA campus in Waterville Valley. These will be alpine dryland training camps and/or freeski/freestyle dryland and ramp camps. We are working on protocols to allow us to utilize the AirBag site and it may be available by the time we’re ready to run. Day camps will be 5-day sessions and may be limited to groups of 8 – we believe we will be able to run at least two groups of 8 (one freeski/freestyle and one alpine) but total gathering numbers will follow in the next set of NH recommendations and we need to ensure we have sufficient space between individuals and groups. Specific protocols around day camps will specify social distancing, and all camps will be based out-of-doors (we do not intend to use the Tom Barbeau Training Center in Tier 1). Day campers will bring their own food and drink each day. As is our norm for dryland camps, we’ll provide activity, training, focus, and fun(!!) in an environment where kids are motivated to get better, stronger, and learn new skills.

Tier 2 – Summer overnight or indoor camps. As we follow recommendations in NH and also observe practices of other summer camps, we will aim for an overnight camp session (at least one, potentially two) in later July or August. This would be a week-long dryland camp with lodging available in the WVA dorm, and meals served in our dining room. This would also be available to Day campers.

Tier 3 – Travel. As we continue to gauge risks, recommendations, and safety protocols around gatherings, testing, social distance, and travel, we will continually assess whether we can safely travel to ski. At this point, we have loose aspirations of traveling to ski with small groups in late July or August, either domestically at Mt Hood, or internationally in Saas Fee, Switzerland. There are many variables to work out for either destination, and we’ll communicate when we are able to confirm details such as dates or recommended ages. Either destination would be an option for both freeski/freestyle and alpine groups.

We will be updating the website to reflect sign-ups for dryland camps soon. Given the restrictions on group numbers, we are also anticipating more interest than we can safely accommodate, at least in the first few weeks. Please know that we are going to err on the side of safety oversize for the foreseeable future, and thank you in advance for your patience if you aren’t able to register your child for the dates you’d prefer. We will not be doing daily drop-ins for any day or session this summer. All registration will be done in advance online. We will also circulate information before we make registrations live so you will have equivalent access.

I know this email will leave many families in limbo on summer skiing, which I understand may be frustrating but which I can’t fix – I think we’re all growing big muscles in the area of ‘managing uncertainty’ through this process, and I am doing my best to communicate the things we know and the things we don’t know.

Thank you for all your support and participation, and I look forward to seeing many of you over the course of this summer….or your foreheads and eyes, at least!

In masked solidarity,



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